Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hopes for this BLOG!

  I believe I would like to start a blog on what we are and have covered in classes to help student dancers along in the journey.  I will add in the information about the style in hopes it will truly help you understand.  I also hope to post videos to help aid in your practice. Long this path I hope we all learn to share the love for this style of dance. 

  • I will be cross posting some wonderful blogs for Carolena so to keep you updated on the ATS News!

  • Will share and explain movements
  • Help answer questions not covered in class.
  • We will review the names and cues of moves
  • We will go over placing and spacing
  • more to come as it processes...............

                                                                        Tribal Muses

I would like to invite anyone to enjoy the blog and it may even inspire you to join us! May the love in your heart shine in your dance!

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