Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tribal Combinations (Level 2)

Hello Fellow Dancers,
As you can see we are honoring FCBD and this time honored dance form.  With all the drop in from across seas. We wanted to make sure they would know what they are stepping into when they are coming to the temple.  We welcome you to come review level one along with drills and review/or something new in level 2. We are happy to welcome you to class.

Tribal Combinations (Level 2) drop-in, must have experience in  Fundamentals Level One (above)

Refine individual technique by drilling basic steps and their variations in creative combinations. Although open to all levels, this class is best used simultaneously with Dance Fundamentals as there are no descriptions of the basic steps. To take this class you must understand partner and group dancing (Level One, above.) Twelve-week cycle.

Tribal Combinations (level 2)

Level One Fundamentals recommended before taking this class. Basic steps covered in L1 are not covered in L2.
Week One
Walking Taxeem
Walking Bodywave
Reverse Turn
Review/drill formations
Week Two
Turkish Shimmy
-w/arms and turn
Review/drill formations
Week Three
Reach and Sit
Review/drill formations
Week Four
Propeller Turn
Corkscrew Turn
Review/drill formations/chorus
Week Five
Arabic Hip Twist and half turn
Review/drill formations/chorus
Week Six
Camel Walk
Review/drill formations/chorus
Week Seven
Double Bump
Single Bump
Review/drill formations/chorus
Week Eight
Ribcage Rotation
Arc arms
Review/drill formations/chorus
Week Nine
Up2 Down3
-w/zil pattern
Review/drill formations/chorus
Week Ten
Arabic Shimmy
-w/arms and turn
Review/drill formations/chorus
Week Eleven
Shoulder Shimmy
Ghawazee Shimmy Combo
Review/drill formations/chorus
Week Twelve
Reverse Taxeem
Head Slides
Review/drill formations/chorus

Dress for dance classes: Full skirt or loose pants, hip scarf, short top or leotard (just wear something comfortable). Bare feet or dance shoes only in dance studio. You will need a pair of zils (finger cymbals). You can purchase at the studio or bring your own.

(Lineup found on www.fcbd.com)

Dance Fundamentals (Level 1)

Hello To You ALL!
Tribal Muses has had a wonderful few years of dancing all over the US. We are now even more connected to FCBD with Cat's status of Sister Studio. We have also been honored with many ATS dancers from all over the world, to grace us in class. So with all of this, we would like to follow along a little more with FCBD class lineup. This way when the traveling goddesses grace in the temple we are all on the same page. We are super excited to dance with you soon......
To all upper level students....it would be a good idea to come into Level one for review. You will learn something new this go around. Plus a great review is alway a plus.

Dance Fundamentals (Level 1) All LEVELS WELCOME - Drop ins Too!
Learn to dance by drilling the basics in fun combinations. Using both slow movements and fast steps we'll get you dancing in your first class! All basic movements and group formations in a six-week cycle including posture and body awareness, zils and music. You are welcome to drop-in on this class after the course has started as we have plenty of review built into each class. Intro to partner and group dancing. 

Dance Fundamentals (level 1) Starts June 7th

Week One
Hand Floreo
4 Basic Steps (Shimmy, Egyptian, Arabic, Pivot/Choo-choo) with simple cues and transitions.
Week Two
Arm Undulations
Egyptian Step
Formations for Leading and Following
You will need your own zils (finger cymbals) for Week Three*
Week Three
Review formations with all steps
Week Four
Arabic Step
Review formations with all steps
Week Five
Torso Twist
Pivot Bump/Choo Choo w/arm 1 and arm 2
Review formations with all steps
Week Six
Circle Step
Shimmy Step
Review formations with all steps

Dress for  dance classes: Full skirt or loose pants, hip scarf, short top or leotard (just wear something comfortable). Bare feet or dance shoes only in dance studio. You will need a pair of zils (finger cymbals). You can purchase at the studio or bring your own.
(Lineup Found on www.FBCD.com)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hopes for this BLOG!

  I believe I would like to start a blog on what we are and have covered in classes to help student dancers along in the journey.  I will add in the information about the style in hopes it will truly help you understand.  I also hope to post videos to help aid in your practice. Long this path I hope we all learn to share the love for this style of dance. 

  • I will be cross posting some wonderful blogs for Carolena so to keep you updated on the ATS News!

  • Will share and explain movements
  • Help answer questions not covered in class.
  • We will review the names and cues of moves
  • We will go over placing and spacing
  • more to come as it processes...............

                                                                        Tribal Muses

I would like to invite anyone to enjoy the blog and it may even inspire you to join us! May the love in your heart shine in your dance!